Ready To Start Your 
Own Online Business?
Welcome to The Entrepreneurial Success Project Online Course Details
What Is The Entrepreneurial Success Project?
The ESP is a 6-Week Online Course for
Determined, Creative & Goal-Driven Individuals, 
who want to build their Own Dream Online Business

Getting your own online business up and running, requires a guaranteed road map, 
with the right strategies, clear vision and guidance to stop all the overwhelming processes.

The Entrepreneurial Success Project can fast track your growth 
and save you many years of expensive trials and errors.

Who Is This Project For?
Whether you're an existing Female Business Owner, 
just looking to scale your business to the next level...

Or a complete "Newbie" who has a dream 
of having your Own Online Business...

Then the ESP can help you:
  •  Clarify Your Niche & Goals
  •  Develop Your Business Strategy
  •  Create Your Own Product or Service
  •  Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar
  •  Create Your Attraction Strategy
  •  Increase Your Social Impact
  •  Know What Marketing Strategies Work
  •  Increase Your Sales & Profits
  •  Develop Your Sales Strategy
  •  Understand Your Numbers
How Does The ESP Work?
The Entrepreneurial Success Project's training is based on weekly trainings. The Project consist of easy-to-follow Videos, Templates, check lists & other downloadables to guide you step-by-step,to create your own online business, from scratch.

The ESP includes also interactive Q&A Sessions where our students can get all their questions answered directly by Henriette, to ensure that our students take consistent action and receive great value from their investment.

Plus, all students have life-time access. So with any new or additional content added to The Entrepreneurial Success Project, all students get this for free.
What Others Say About The ESP...
I have felt so stuck for many years, not knowing how to start my own business or what even to do. 
Then I discovered The Entrepreneurial Success Project! I've nailed down my niche and my business is up and running. Within 8 weeks, I grew my email list from 0 to almost 700 and climbing.
If ever you wanted to get "unstuck", then now is the time to follow your heart and make your own dreams come true, because nobody else will do it for you.
~ Marie Jennings ~
You guys!!! If you are new to the online marketing field and feel overwhelmed by all that you need to learn then please do yourself a favour and take Henriette‘s course, The Entrepreneurial Success Project. She breaks things down into a very easy to understand and easy to implement format. I have taken other courses that I just couldn’t keep up with because there was jargon and lingo, but she details everything out for you and it finally feels like this idea I have is possible!
~ Meagan Ranbarger ~
I've been in the health industry for many years, but one day I just realised that I am not happy in my day job and wanted out!
I've been searching for ways to start my own online business and after doing course after course, I finally found The Entrepreneurial Success Project. Henriette has a unique way of explaining things, that makes so much sense and I got my business online, sooner than I would ever have imagined. Now, I've left my day job and love being my own boss
~ Esmarie Davis ~
Who Teaches The ESP?
The Entrepreneurial Success Project is led by Henriette Danel, creator of The Entrepreneurial Success Podcast and founder of The ESP.

‘My Mission is to empower all those whom wish to start their own online business and make their dreams come true. It isn’t rocket science, but it does require YOU to make it happen.
I believe that everybody has the potential to make their dreams come true and I am here to provide you with the tools, to do so.
Inspiring other people to take that leap into the unknown and discover more about themselves in the process, is priceless. ‘

All The ESP students have weekly Q&A Sessions with Henriette and for those wanting to step it up a notch, spend time with Henriette on a one-to-one basis, using her Coaching Programs.
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